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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Feels Had Comes Again

Tired in tuition class~
Fall asleep~
But heard dao Mr Poon said that one convent girl de brother pass away~
I know is herr brother~
For herr its really hard to accept the fact~
Even for mii too~
And my mood suddenly went down~
The feel comes again~
I can feel what's herr feeling now~
Her heart sure very very pain~

Think that before~
When one of my family member really pass away i think i'll not as determine as herr le~
She is a really determine girl~
Really really hope that she will cheer up herr life bah =D

Siaoyee GAMBATEH !!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NIICK ZAi is =(

Monday i heard my friend said that herr 2nd brother pass away ??
Isn't real ??
But i very very hope the answer is no~
Cause i know that herr 2nd brother really loves herr~
She should be very sad now bah~
Nth i can do for herr =(
Hope herr other part for now can chill herr up bah~
Don't think back those sad de thing le~
No wonder how i also will be right herr support-iinq you de~
Help you "dong fong dong yu"~
Hope she will get well soon bah~

This is what i wish for =D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

DOTA ( =

After show we go ply pool =D

( Picture of mii playing pool =D )

Mii & Greg stay over at king's house~
Luckly there gt 3 computer if not i will be very sienz~
Too bored liao at there then they teach mii how to ply dota =D
Quite nice la but i dunwan get addicted at it so better dun ply so much~
We sleep late night yesterday @@