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Monday, December 26, 2011

Maybe thats my fault.
And I really didn't blame anyone of you all.
But I know sometimes I am still acting like a kid.
I really don't want to just can't control my self.
Maybe I'm not a really good friend for you.
But I really treat you as my good friends or even can be brother/sister already.
Not said I don't give you chance.
I have already give you alot chance if you think back.
And you must understand my feelings.
I feel so hurt and sad sometimes.
And I also feel that I'm so bad to you all.
Sometimes I choose to keep it to my self is not like I want people to pity me and all stuff like this and I don't like.
So DON'T EVER do that to me ok ?
Sometimes you feel that I'm trying to let people know how sad am I and all stuff.
Thats not I want it to be is I can't really make it to the positive way.
Everything run in my mind :(
And maybe we all wouldn't meet any more in our future.
So I really don't want it ends like that.
I just want everything to be fine.
I just want everyone to be happy especially.....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

If you were in this situation what will you do ?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
I feel like shouting out loud but I just can't :'(
Why you guys should treat me like this once again ? whyyy ? I just wanna know why ? Isn't that difficult ?
I'm so sick of it do you know that ?
You make me so sad & so RANDOM !
I just can't get away from that feeling even my brother can see that something goes wrong with me.

Friday, September 9, 2011

She called me today at 11.46 p.m. :D
And it makes me (:
Today is my lucky day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The day is getting near and near ,
I am getting stress day by day ,
I don't know I can stand for it or i choose to give up ,
I don't know why is it really hard for me to get into my head ,
It stucks on one way usually ,
However I still need to face it :(
Hope I can get a great one :D
You guys too my friend :D
Good Luck ! I mean SPM xD

I just don't have the feeling right now ,
Should I feel sad that I have kind of friend like you ?
Sometimes I really....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sometimes I don't feel like being together with you guys ?

24 / July / 2011..
I'm getting pissed & quite happy at the same time today ,
Happy oens ?
Cause I still have a true friend by my side ,
Especially is Shaun Lazaroo I guess ?
He is a friend that is worth to be friend ,
I would like to say thanks to Shaun at here once again ,
Thanks Shaun for everything..
And thanks for the lunch too :]
I feels warmed everytime go to his house when his big family were there ,
Shaun ! I'm happy for you brother that you have such nice family member :D
Maybe I guess I have it too :]
Hope that you won't change yourselves to the negative ones ,
Your my good brother :D
And congraz for that sunday "you know what I mean" LOL !

Sad ones ?
I guess my friends started to change one by one,
Sometimes I just don't feel like being together with you guys ?
Just like we both are from the different world ,
Last time was like whole geng sit at one place & talk about everything ,
But now the chance are getting lesser and lesser ,
Maybe all got girlfriend already ?
Haha... I don't really mind actually I understand your feeling,
Even I don't like other people disturb my girl ,
And you'll get very pissed off right ?
But please don't make yourselves become worst & worst ,
You taught people like it ? Please go bang wall untill die please !
I don't wanna mentioned the name here ,
You know who I'm talking ,

Friday, May 27, 2011

Everyone start changing D;

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long time no update luu.. ,
Quite busy with school stuff recently ,
For sure exam too , make me stress all the time ,
Tomorrow is the last exam for me , everybody ended ,
It's Accounts man , I'm totally suck with that subject so i'm dead tomorrow : (
By the way never give up easily :D

Thanks Saha actually ,
He motivated us alot and he make us just got the feeling to do it like nobody business , yeah ! i like the word :D
Actually is real what he said everything is actually depends on you're self whether you want to or don't ,
If you want just do the best you can ever ,
I wan to be the best damn student in my school ! :D

She find me just now just to ask a question ?
Isn't she find me when she need help mean I still got position for herr ?
Or she know I'm still exist ?
I just can't forget herr don't ask me why ?
Nobody can replace her in me ?
I miss herr voice suddenly ,
Last time we use to talk in the phone almost everynight ,
And she'll tell me all herr sadness , happyness and what she did today,
We like to joke too and when I heard she laugh I laugh too :D
I remembered she sing for me last time LOL ! :D
What I can said is her voice is totally great , can kill everyone !
Just miss the moment :'(
But time cannot be reversed anymore..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today was a really an unlucky day and a SHIT day for me ever ;(
On the ways to biilik guru I saw that asshole in front of me ,
Catch me go Ketua Guru Disiplin ohh == ,
And that ass disiplin teacher listen to that asshole that catch me ,
Then no choice lo forced to write borang salah laku ,
17 marks only and is first time which is the misconduct that is not serious + go meet guru kaunseling ==lll
Isn't he purposely make my penalty score become higher ?
I think so bah ,
Isn't it is freaking lame ?
BULLSHIT ! rite ?
Yea ! I know it is totally bullshit !
What can do , my school are totally racist ,
Just screw it la ,
Just the last year for me in this school , don't need to see that asshole again... Whaoo ! :D
Ohh ya ! he call me cut my hair tomorrow ? should I ?
Aiyaa ! just screw it la :D hahas
And my dad today suddenly naik gila ,
Everytime also like that see dao him also sian ==
"Fat Lan Zha" don't want eat warrr throw all the food into the dustbin ,
Nvm la he taught that he is so rich ==

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad ? Happy ? :(

My heart finally nothing le after paining for few days :D
But I spend 120bucks for the stupid thing == ,
This is the thing that I don't know I should happy or sad le :(
She borke up le...
I happy cause finally I got a chance ?
Or I sad cause she broke up already ?
I think I should be the sad one bah cause isn't love is just hope that to see your love's one to be happy ? forever ?
I know what is herr feeling now ,
And I know she just hold it and just keep ownself ,
She's actually very sad but I can do nothing for herr :'(
I tried to care herr last night but she just.... ,
I think so she should be don't need my care bah :'(
Anyways I just hope that she was fine just care herr as a best freind or something ? :]
Sometimes I am very PROUD of herr too really !
And I know that you're a SPARTAN gril , Yes ! you're :D

Today accompany yoon yee , yoon yen & may kay go tuition center cause they scared saw the "Bian Tai Lao" again ,
And it's not mafan la for me cause I got nothing to do also walk around in the town only ,
So it is not mafan okie and I'm okie with it ,
Actually can said you guys accompany me de cause I alone and Tks :D
Today tuition fall asleep in the class LOL !
Lucky I understand what teacher trying to teach ,
No next time le if not SPM surely K.O. hahas XP
Tomorrow got super duper long and sian de ceramah le I think so I spend my time sleeping at there better X)
Good Nights guys ~!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

LOL ! I Dreamed Something Funny Today !

Today I dream something funny ,
I dreamed that my ex kiss me at my room ,
Haha... I don't know why I dreamed something like that ,
Dreamed half my brother woke me up to go for basketball ,
After basketball my brother's friend and me go JUSCO Cheras Selatan watch movie but a lot people le ,
Then we went to Leisure Mall watch " I'm Number 4 " so kwell ehh the movie :D
I'm Number 10... wahaha XD
Still got a lot of homework waiting for me le :(