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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sometimes I don't feel like being together with you guys ?

24 / July / 2011..
I'm getting pissed & quite happy at the same time today ,
Happy oens ?
Cause I still have a true friend by my side ,
Especially is Shaun Lazaroo I guess ?
He is a friend that is worth to be friend ,
I would like to say thanks to Shaun at here once again ,
Thanks Shaun for everything..
And thanks for the lunch too :]
I feels warmed everytime go to his house when his big family were there ,
Shaun ! I'm happy for you brother that you have such nice family member :D
Maybe I guess I have it too :]
Hope that you won't change yourselves to the negative ones ,
Your my good brother :D
And congraz for that sunday "you know what I mean" LOL !

Sad ones ?
I guess my friends started to change one by one,
Sometimes I just don't feel like being together with you guys ?
Just like we both are from the different world ,
Last time was like whole geng sit at one place & talk about everything ,
But now the chance are getting lesser and lesser ,
Maybe all got girlfriend already ?
Haha... I don't really mind actually I understand your feeling,
Even I don't like other people disturb my girl ,
And you'll get very pissed off right ?
But please don't make yourselves become worst & worst ,
You taught people like it ? Please go bang wall untill die please !
I don't wanna mentioned the name here ,
You know who I'm talking ,

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