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Friday, December 31, 2010


The feeling comes back to me again ,
The feeling is just like very complicated ,
I also don't know how I wan ,
Sorry for bothering you guys ,
Really sorry ,
My sadness just made you guys sad like me ,
Really sorry ,
I won't do that again ,
If you're busy just do your thing bah I okie to be alone ,
Don't need care me ,
I know this kind of people like me is really mafan ,
Never mind la just let me alone okie ?
Tks ..

Suffer Year ='(

Suffer year begin le haih ,
Just got a very very very bad news from my friend ,
And just now fight with one of my best freind ,
And yoon yee no feeling well ,
Why so many bad things happened although 2011 just started ,
1st day of 2011 already so suffer what about 365 days more ? ,
I am really dead like dead fish i guess ,
Have nothing cheers me up ,
I'm so complicated now ,
So many thing to think between that is those thing that not suppose to thing ,
Why am I finding things to fan ? ,
Hope 2011 won't be so bad bah ,
Hope what I heard from my friend is not true pleaseeeee !

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting that day I keep thinking of herr don't know why >< ,
Isn't this call first sight love or anything don't know what it call ? , Psps :p
While working I hope faster reach home & online see whether she got on? ,
After that party I really waited untill 2o'clock only sleep and go work on tomorrow LOL ! ,
I also don't know why ? Don't ask me :D ,
I hope she'll show me this sign again "<3" Don't know why also just <3 that feeling when I saw she show me that :D ,
Hahas .. I also don't know how to discribe me feeling just like "lolo luan" >< ,
I tot herr <3 in herr PM is cause of me ? But she said not .. Think too much mayb ? ,
Not too good in working few days ago , Give boss scold , he said cannot do this cannot do that SWT =.=lll ,
And I lost people thing ,
What a unlucky day =( ,
Alot alot sad things happened recently le all my friend broke up ,
What a sad days ? ,
Can't they just appreciate what they have ? =( ,
Haih .. just complicated ,
School almost reopen le lu.. Don't feel like back school le cause maybe I drop class le bah >< ,
No mood schooling .

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Two ASS !

Tks Shaun for the Christmas party ,
And we really feel sorry to both yoon yee & yoon yen & also one more friend because of something happened >< ,
We went to work today ,
Today not really tired as Friday la cause my job just pour that simple :D ,
But back bone still paining also cause sitting too long >< ,
After work we went for BKB at Bkt Angkat ,
An ass challenge us but then he lose he wanna fight with me ,
Call geng some more , he tot I scared == ,
I was like WTF =.=llllll , Like small kid weii !
You sudah besarrr belum ? ==