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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today was a really an unlucky day and a SHIT day for me ever ;(
On the ways to biilik guru I saw that asshole in front of me ,
Catch me go Ketua Guru Disiplin ohh == ,
And that ass disiplin teacher listen to that asshole that catch me ,
Then no choice lo forced to write borang salah laku ,
17 marks only and is first time which is the misconduct that is not serious + go meet guru kaunseling ==lll
Isn't he purposely make my penalty score become higher ?
I think so bah ,
Isn't it is freaking lame ?
BULLSHIT ! rite ?
Yea ! I know it is totally bullshit !
What can do , my school are totally racist ,
Just screw it la ,
Just the last year for me in this school , don't need to see that asshole again... Whaoo ! :D
Ohh ya ! he call me cut my hair tomorrow ? should I ?
Aiyaa ! just screw it la :D hahas
And my dad today suddenly naik gila ,
Everytime also like that see dao him also sian ==
"Fat Lan Zha" don't want eat warrr throw all the food into the dustbin ,
Nvm la he taught that he is so rich ==

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