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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long time no update luu.. ,
Quite busy with school stuff recently ,
For sure exam too , make me stress all the time ,
Tomorrow is the last exam for me , everybody ended ,
It's Accounts man , I'm totally suck with that subject so i'm dead tomorrow : (
By the way never give up easily :D

Thanks Saha actually ,
He motivated us alot and he make us just got the feeling to do it like nobody business , yeah ! i like the word :D
Actually is real what he said everything is actually depends on you're self whether you want to or don't ,
If you want just do the best you can ever ,
I wan to be the best damn student in my school ! :D

She find me just now just to ask a question ?
Isn't she find me when she need help mean I still got position for herr ?
Or she know I'm still exist ?
I just can't forget herr don't ask me why ?
Nobody can replace her in me ?
I miss herr voice suddenly ,
Last time we use to talk in the phone almost everynight ,
And she'll tell me all herr sadness , happyness and what she did today,
We like to joke too and when I heard she laugh I laugh too :D
I remembered she sing for me last time LOL ! :D
What I can said is her voice is totally great , can kill everyone !
Just miss the moment :'(
But time cannot be reversed anymore..

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