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Monday, December 26, 2011

Maybe thats my fault.
And I really didn't blame anyone of you all.
But I know sometimes I am still acting like a kid.
I really don't want to just can't control my self.
Maybe I'm not a really good friend for you.
But I really treat you as my good friends or even can be brother/sister already.
Not said I don't give you chance.
I have already give you alot chance if you think back.
And you must understand my feelings.
I feel so hurt and sad sometimes.
And I also feel that I'm so bad to you all.
Sometimes I choose to keep it to my self is not like I want people to pity me and all stuff like this and I don't like.
So DON'T EVER do that to me ok ?
Sometimes you feel that I'm trying to let people know how sad am I and all stuff.
Thats not I want it to be is I can't really make it to the positive way.
Everything run in my mind :(
And maybe we all wouldn't meet any more in our future.
So I really don't want it ends like that.
I just want everything to be fine.
I just want everyone to be happy especially.....

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