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Saturday, November 21, 2009

4th Days Writiinq bloq

2day early early my kor kor open phone de music loud loud ohx make dao mii wake up also HENG!!! ><
Nth special 2day.....
Wake up suddenly friend sms mii call mii borrow him comic warhx....
Coz he sunday need go hospital read....
4.00 mami call mii go down club house de gym do gym do 1 hour....
Hahah 2day mii very geng lerhx can do dao so heavy n so lonq =D
Then rest awhile bath le lurhx come out already gt things to eat hahaha =]
After eat watch tv awhile on9 wait euriz on9 ^^
Hui shinq call mii teach herr do fs BG but failed =.=
But then kor kor call mii go mamak eat roti canai warhx =.=llll

Finished le lerhx fai fai come back home on9 saw dao euriz on9 yeaa =]
Hahaha now onli neo that she dun like watch ghost movie LOLx !!!
Wanna neo why usually girl also dun like watch ghost movie de ??

Haih kor wan ply comp cannot chat lerhx plus herr hp no money tim ><
Kor finished ply le see whether she still on9 or not...
Yea... she's still on9-iinq heheh =D
So late jor she still dunwan oioi ><
Dan xin herr....

Haih.. 2moro gt bkb lerhx dunno wan go or not so late onli slp ><