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Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday :]

Yesterday went to dong guaa birthday le ,
I think for me quite bored bah cause I know no one there ,
But thanks for inviting me yaahh dong guaa I am happy that you invite me :D ,
And hope dong guaa like de present bahh ^^ ,

And one more lucky thing happens on me ,
That is she finally forgive me le ,

I really don't meant to do such stupid things but I am really really care you , Just want you to know ,
But I don't think so she'll know cause she don't really bother me i guess =( ,
Yesterday I was really don't dare look at herr and speak with herr le even just said "Hi " ,
But then reach home she said that she wanted to talk to me but I looks sad ,
Hahas... ,
I not really sad la just feel bored ,

I don't know why everything that she said and I'll do LOL ! funny right ?
Hahas... ,
I think so this call "ben dan" gua ?

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