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Thursday, January 14, 2010

LOnq Time No Update Bloq le~

Lonq time no update bloq jor~
Coz not free~
Everyday finished skul le then go tuition go dao 7 only back home~
Then come back home gt homework do some more le =(

Why all teacher also like beh song mii geh ??
Keep on catch my hair ><
Many ppl more lonq and more style then mii la~
Mii this only call okie okie nia~
Dunno why keep on hunt for mii =(
Even my class teacher also catch mii~
Haih this year gonna be a suffer year liao de la~
All disiplin teacher form sesi ptg come up morning jor ><

2day de luck also very bad give dao the sohaibahh catch~
Eu neo what she ask ??
Why my hair everytime also senget geh ??
Zha daoo !!!
She dunno now so henqq meh ??
hahas stupid dao herr arhx~

But 2moro she say must see dao mii cut back str8 str8 if not call mii go stage wor~
Hope 2moro no kena la~
Very very veryyy hope arhx~
Form 4 life reli suffer ><

Hope will 1 day be 1 day good bah~

2day go back home only go excel tuition =]
Actually wanna ba weii for yi xuan de~
Wanna sit with herr =p
But surin take off my beg and sit on the chair jor~
Mei ban fa lurhx~
2day cannot sit with herr ><
Next time bah~
Next time i will ba weii for herr liao de~
kakax =p

Very very veryyy hope 2010 de life will 1 day be 1 day good bah =D

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