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Monday, February 1, 2010

Just Back From Melaka

Yesterday night just came back from melaka~
Mami wanna go there do "kuih ta pet"~
Do dao so many uhh~
Then we all help them do~

Actually very hot de neh doiinq that~
Dun think so shuanq~
But can eat la~
Haha XD~
We yi lu do yi lu eat~
Then mami said dun eat liao~
Eat so many ltr also can do dunno how many tonq le~

After do "kuih ta pet" mami wanna do "ji dan gao" again ohx~
Too free jor~
Nvm la yek dao us onli ma~
Can eat so many XD
Wahahaha ^^

Go there i ply with all those babyy ^^
Gt 1 very cute de~
Gal lai de name qiqi ^^
She like to follow mii~
Keep on call mii Ah Bii kor kor Ah Bii kor kor ni zai na li XD~
Eat also bu de kong err~
I eatiinq she also wanna kacau~
Call mii bao herr~
LOLx !!
So i yi lu bao herr yi lu eat and weii herr eat some ^^

Eat finished jor rest awhile~
Very tired ohx~
Then actually wanna slp geh but guess why cannot slp ??
Coz of the babyy name qiqi de norhx i slp she keep kacau mii~
Jump here jump there~
Call mii wake up ohx~
I dun wan wake up then she "Cubit" mii and "Pukul" mii~
Very tired neh~
Then my uncle call herr dun kacau mii~
Coz i was slp-iinq ma~
Then she dunwanna hear keep kacau also~
LOLx !!!
QQ dao herr arhx~
Then we went back at 8 ++ i guess~
Reach home very late jor~
Then str8 go bath and slp~
Very tired le~
But very happy norhx ply with those babyy ^^

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