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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Started >> 09/02/2010

Kempen Anti-Denggi

We went to skul normal time lo 7.30 skul ringgg start ringiing~
Then we go for perhimpunan 1st then onli wait teacher at our skul visi misi there~
We sat our BM teacher car but i dunno wat herr name so i say BM teacher lo =p
Then half way Pn.Loh was missinq~
LOLx!!! coz she tot very slower then herr waitinq behind~
Padahal we at in front herr waitinq for herr =.=
Then shaun and greg went down of the car call them to move coz we at infront of them~

Reach there jor le~
WoOw !!! the skul was really biggg lorhx our skul jz 1/4 of it~
Go into their dewan damn biq le lot of ppl~
Tot teacher said wat pertandinqan tim~
See see onli some crap ceramah~
Then call us to have a pertandinqan~
Eu all neo wat marhx ??

Clean euur skull 2 or 3 weeks till very clean~
If euur skul is the most clean de skul without nyamuk aedes compare to other skul~
Then euur skul will get prize 3 000 bucks for zon onli la~
If we are the most clean de amonq all skul then we will get 10 thousand more~
Crap la =.=
Lame competition~
Won't be can win lo~
My house i also lazy wanna clean ohx~
Wan clean euur skul ??
Man man den lo~
wahahaha XD

After dat left 1 hour ++ more~
We dunwan go back skul dun wan attend sej class =p
So we beg teacher brinq us to

Here is some picture...

09/02/2010 ALAMANDA

13/02/2010 -- 17/02/2010
Melaka ~Cousin House~

On saturday we wake up early in the morninq~
Packed le everythinq~
Get ready to go to melaka already~
We took our luggage to car~
Actually we decide to go to balakonq eat dim sum de~
See see no open~
Meixin also no open~
MAny shop no open on that day le~
So we cin cai eat onli la~
Eat at Tonq Shenq~
Not nice de all the food~
Meii wei kou le~

After eat~
We qu fa go melaka le~
Reach there around 6++~
We are the earliest lo~
My cousin all those chu2 onli come down~
Sienz le 2days~


Chu2 le~
3yii and herr son reach at melaka bus station at 2++~
Then ask my cousin "Khanq Shen" go fetch them from there~
Then onli go take my mei meii de birthday cake~
A few more hours my 3yii de daughter and 2yii and jiu jiu all reach le~
Mii , my brother and my father back my cousin house around 6 or 7 ++~
Coz we went to buy all Bar-B-Q stuff ^^

Come back wait baba eat 1st then start qii Bar-B-Q de huo~
Wait till very lonq ohx~
Coz baba put lot off tan~
30 minutes jor le , very hungry we start sao donq xii eat~
Few minutes more my biao jie come jor with herr bf~
Then she maii follow uss sao donq xii eat lo~
All eat dao so bao ohx~
But still gt many more so we call khanq shen dun wan go work la~
Stay at home we sao donq xi giv him eat la~
So he stay lo and call his boss dat he cannot go work~
But still cannot finished le all those food~
Then we dunwan ply le XD
Brinqq all those left de food give all my aunty and uncle eat =]

The next day~
At night we ask my uncle to ply black jack "GAMBLE" =p
Ply till 11 ++ my uncle wan slp jor~
Then we call my biao jie de bf come~
Tot can pian his money tim~
Dim ji he win all our money =(
My biao jie said he work at night de la so now he damn jinq shen how eu all wanna win his money ??
Now only she said ><
He win jor 150 ++
We call him belanja we eat breakfast 2moro and he siad no problem ^^
Eat jor 100++ but still gt 40 ++ left i think~

Here is some picture took from there.......

Mami and QiQi

Mami and QiQi

Cute hor ??

She's QiQi ^^

Jonker Walk

Then we went back home at night around 7++~
Reach home also 1++ le but we still on9 XD
But really very tired norhx~
But veryy happy =D

Went to kong's house and then Daniel Lim's house~

12 o'clock went to bowlinq then 4++ went to yen binq's house gamble =p
Then 6.30 went to tat chenq's house take ang pau hahahas~
Actually wanna go chonq kea and durex house take ang pau also de but they not at home =(
Then try penq jian shi shi or jie jie de but at last also no~

7 o'clock go lee yen's birthday party till 10.30 call baba fetch mii go weii kinq house~
Coz follow him go greg's open house~
But his family all busy so we decided to take bus la~
But Mohd Danial's mum fetch us to kajanq town ^^
Sad things is Danial cannot follow~
Then i and weii kinq go 7wonders eat~
After dat we took KTM to serdanq to The Mines then onli take taxi to greg house~
Very hooott le ><
Ply Nitendo Wii at greg house haha~
Very fun leh ^^
But weii kinq win jor very LAN C coz he trained many times b4 at greg house lorhx~
So come bully us~

Then around 8 like dat surin's dad come fetch us to
Michelle Lau's house~
Eat there then Alisa's mum fetch 10 of us i think to Alisa's house~
Play gamble at there again~
But bet small small de la coz no money~
But talk dao very funny ohx~
Keep laughinq~
hahahahs =D
Then ask shaun to fetch mii back =D
Around 11.30 shaun's dad onli come fetch us~
Thx for fetchinq mii back home shaun =D


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