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Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally finished form 4 1st exam~
Super tired le~
Almost every exam day also slp so little hour ><
Yesterday slp around 11 then wake up 2 in the morning~
1st time do SPM format reli hard for mii le~
Many question dunno how to do~
Sei le after holiday must study jor~
Worried get very bad result le~
i hope passed can liao lo =]

Hope i can get good result bah~

2day saw dao one of my fren~
Miss herr alot le~
2year plus didn't see dao her oh~
Finally 2day cann see dao herr~
Very luckly lo ^^
Actually last time when i was form 1, she use to be the girl i like =p

Nothinq to said jor~
Hope she can do everythinq well bah~
Take care lu ^^