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Friday, May 7, 2010

Black Black Niick =(

I'm F****** tired now~
Sienz la~
Train for so hard also dunno for wat~
Jemur liao whole week now damn balckkk~
My body right now F****** hot le ><
Hou long tong d~
At last also didn't get anything~
Mr lau also dunno how de~
Give chance all the F****** Babi~
Call mii ply properly, tot i dunwan meh ?
The thing is i cannot tahan the hot sun no mood ply some more my back bone very pain cannot swing le~
Even those F****** Babi ply till like SHIT !! they also gt chance shang chang~
How bout Mii le ??
Once also haven't ohx~
Haih dunno wat to said bout him la~
I feel dat i am just like Wastinq my time onli~
That Mr lau call mii go for training till tuesday ohx~
Wat use le i also not selected~
But i very hope dat i am selected and can ply at main 6 position =(
But for now I think i go study better than wastinq my time for not selected de thinq lo~
May exam near d i dun wan get bad result again~
Haih dunno la very luann~
2day need go for training and tuition some more~
Tired la~
Why are we so damn tired~

2day suddenly yi xuan msg mii~
Say dat i told jinq han dat i hate herr~
WTF !!! that stupid bastard ar ??
Qu maii mii ??
When i said ohx~
Isn't i everytime malas wan layan him so he bao fuu ??
Dunno la~
I juz feel dat him very fan~
Like showinq off with no point thing~
Dunno wat to said la~
Juz TIRED lazy wanna thing anything

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