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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantasting Day =D

Went "Mid Valley" with friends , watch movie~
Plan to watch "Takken" de but they wanna watch "Inception"~

Went back 5.00 o'clock not so many ppl la~
Then Tat Cheng's mum and Chong Kea's brother fetch us go to "Red Wok" Restaurant eat steambot near Yew Man's house~
Many things to eat le~
See dao dou "kai weii" = d
Eat dao so many ohh we 6 ppl~
All eat dao gt big tummy le~
Chamm >< !!
But very shuang =D

Then go Yew Man's house help Tat Cheng kao luii =D
Good improvement le~
Tat Cheng see this thursday , how's your movement bah~
Hope you can get herr~
We will help you de~
Four of us de promise , date 10/10/10~


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