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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sad =(

I neo that she is very sad now geh but i can't help herr anything =(
Tian arhx can eu tell mii what should i do now ??
She sad make mii more sad le =(
I hope everything is fine for herr....
I purposely on9 late night actually want to call yabii help mii ann weii herr de and ask herr why she so sad but yabii off jor haih....
Hope yabii saw my offline msg bah and help mii....
Hope she 2moro wake up will forget every sad things and have a sweet dream tonight =]

Just now msn with say lee awhile....
She said no ppl will bang jia herr de lorhx only mii this ultraman will bang jia herr wa...
I got so bad meh ??


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