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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wow !!! =D

Loonq time no update bloq~
Busy ><

"24th Dec"
Nice day~
I finally get good result for my PMR =D
Thx for anything ^^
After i took my result my friends and i go happy~
Go MP ply bowlinq~
Then snooker~
Then went home~

"25th Dec"
Wake up late~
Then 6++ went shaun's christmas party~
Stay over at his house coz family went shah alam for my cousin b'day party~
Slp very late lerhx on that day~
4++ only slp~
Went shaun's aunty's house slp~
Coz no place let us to slp le~
His aunty's house damn freakiinq biq le~
But no one there~
Scary >.<
Then b4 slp we saw 1car stop in front of the house lookinq at us~
Keep onn the car light and off and onn~
Then shaun call his cousin suresh ask him why the guy stop near by there and lookinq at us~
Then he said nth and we went to slp~

"26th Dec"

Wake up early went near by MP jaminq with danial they all and celest and herr brother~
Till 2++ then we went KFC eat our lunch~
Then i and weii kinq went MP snooker and bowlinq~
He went back early so i and victor ply-ed~
Then i call mami come fetch mii~
Suddenly rain~
Reach home at 6++~
Tired slp at 12~

"27th Dec"
Today wake up at 11++ then go brush teeth and eat bread for my breakfast~
Then onn lap top awhile~
Dadii 2day off so we went Sg. Wang buy shirt =D
Kor no go coz he said sienz and read undang at house~
At there finally buy dao i wan de pants "Slim Feet" Weee !!!
Happy =D
Then walk walk xia buy dao cloth ^^
Walk dao very tired le~
At last buy dao 5 cloth and 1 pants spent jor 300++ ohx~
Dadi very tired le so we went home at almost 7o'clock~
Coz kor wan sell his phone~
So rush go home but very jam le ><
8.08 reach home~
But kor said the ppl still at Mid Valley taking KTM come to kajang SWT =.=llll
So we go eat our lunch sin lorhx at 9++~
But order dao yi ban the ppl say reach jor~
WTH so stupid one the ppl say will be late but suddenly reach jor~
So the terpaksa wan go KTM sell it sin lorhx~
Then onli come back eat~
Mii eat dao very baoo ohx ><
Then come back at almost 11~
Then on9 awhile and bath~
Then on9 back =P~

Weii kinq call mii go Time Square 2moro ohx~
Abit lazy nia~
Some more haven't tell mami yet le~
2moro wake up see how bah~

okie la very tired jor 2day~
Need oioi le if not 2moro no need wake up~


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