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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feels Everything Far Away Apart ='(

Feels that everything far away apart from me ,
Haih ='( ,

Including herr , she like treat me very "cool" ,
Ask her anything she like don't care only ,

Really don't know what's herr feeling le ,
Today my friend said that she peii him until his sejarah homework done only she go sleep ,

Isn't it true ? ,
First i heard that I was really scared
when I heard that ,
And he said that he wanna chase herr against me ,
Hope is fake like what he said last time ,
But I still scared
that he will take herr away from me

Today was an unlucky day for me too =( ,
Mr.Theng come our class & checked for those who never wear name tag ,
He realize that I haven't cut my hair yet ,
Then he call me isi borong salah laku ( ingkar arahan & rambut panjang ) ,
Again ?? ==lll ,
Then I said can i style my hair nicely if i don't want to cut ?
He said can but must style everday waahh =3= ,
Haih !!
Just screw it la cause I don't wan cut my hair & kena borang again

Hope tomorrow I am brave enough to get to herr there bahh ,
You guyss will support de right ?? :D


  1. Hai,,nice to see you write something again

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