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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today is the second day i had this feeling again ,
When she stand up that moment I saw that he was looking at herr ,
I was really sad to see that happened between me and one of my best friend ,
I really treat him as one of my best friend ,
But I don't think that he really treat me as his best friend bah ? ,
If he treat me as his best friend he won't do that to me ,
Isn't is he trying to help me ? Or really wanna fight with me ? ,
Can any one answer me ? ,
I hope that he is trying to help me bah ,
Today again I tried to gave herr the present again but I was really useless ='( ,
And I feel my self was really useless too ='( ,
Why am I don't dare to get to herr ? Why Why Whyyy ?? ,
Can somebody told me why ? ,
Haih ( Useless me ) ='( ,

Just now I ask him a question ,
Ask him that he do really loves herr ? ,
He ask me to answer first ,
Of course i said yes ! ,
Cause I won't fool to my self ,
Yes !! I can said that I Do Really Love Herr !! ,
Can you ?
Miss herr so much ...

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