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Friday, October 1, 2010


Today finally gave the present to herr le ,
Waiting herr for so long cause she got the PMR de taklimat ,
I had took my brave-ness out finally to get near to herr ,
But I can feel herr not really like it I guess ? ,
Haih ...
Nvm bah I have done what I should do ,
This really make me moody , Just like what Mr.Theng said bah (laugh) ,
But that doesn't makes me feel good ,
I feel like gonna The End Of The World soon ,
And my heart I like really pain can't describe the feeling , is just like a sharp knife poke into my heart ,
Isn't I already starting to give up or I really trying to kill myself ?

She said thanks to me online just now =D ,
First I was really happy but half way she treat me cool again le ,
Tat Cheng told me that Wei Lun sms herr whole day ,
Mayb they really sms-ing happily gua ,
There should be no me around herr i guess ,
But anyway doesn't it if you really do love one person what you did is just want herr to be happy right ? ,
I did anything is just want herr to be happy ,
That what I wish for ,
It doesn't mean I really can be with herr ,
But i really hope so ...

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