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Friday, October 1, 2010

I Really Hate Myself !!!

2/10/2010 12.55 ...
I was blogging ,

I think that I am the most STUPID people in this world ,
Am I sampah masyarakat ? ,
I guess I am ='( ,
This few days my mood really no good le ,
I feel like crying but I don't want to cry ,
When I blogging this I finally cry out ,
I think back why am I so STUPID ? Why Why Why !!! ,
And I did a really wrong thing just now thw worst one ever ,
I scolded my mum ,
And my mum said that I really no need go to school study le use those bad word scold parents ,
What The Fuck goiing on with you , Tan Kai Le ,
Fuck Tan Kai Le FUCKKK !!! ,
How can you scold your mum like that ? ,
I cried and ask my self this question ,
I feel that myself is the worst son ever ,
I already make so many thing that let my parents angry ,
At here I want to say sorry to my mum and dad ,
Thanks both of you born me out in this world without both of you then it will be without Tan Kai Le this people in this world ,
I am really sorry that I am the worst son for you both ,
Sorry ='(
I will try to be at least the good son starting from now ,
I won't make you both angry again ,
Just now when I was crying suddenly my sister come in ,
I don't want let them know that I cried...

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