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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gold Medal =D

10 / 10 / 2010...
I went to Taekwando T.Y.C Championship ,
Today was my first time joining competition ,
And also my first sparling expirence ,
I was very scared before I entered the court ,
But I told my self that I can't lose to him ,
First round I fight with one Cheras Perdana guy (Tall) ,
He's damn freaking ganas lo ,
Main kick only ,
He kicked my cock 3 time le ,
Then I damn angry le ,
Straight kick him till his leg pain ,

P/S : But my leg pain also =p

I won for the 1st round then straight in final ,
Fight with one blue belt melay guy ,
I just score very little point >< ,
Actually I do more better de but that time my leg was really pain 3rd time injured on competition >< ,
Pain daoooo !
Almost beh tahan already ,
But I don't wan lose to him ,
So I also straight kick ,
Luckly beat him by one point ,
Fuhhhh ! I was very luckly le =D ,
But sad thing is she cannot see me fight =( ,
If she was there I guess I can do much much more better de lo ,
Haih !
Till here I guess , Damn sleepy le don't tomorrow still can walk or not >< ....

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