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Friday, September 3, 2010

I Am So Nothing With You !!!

Today got 2sad and 1enjoy thing happened, Say enjoy de 1st bah,
Today our english teacher "Ms.Surinda" she teach us singing,
She gave us a topic then we must think out the song or even create a song,
Then we will sing together out loud,
Separated into two groups , see who get the most mark and that is the winner,
Ms Surinda sound is nice , but other melay teacher is nicer,

When we 1st heard its shock us make us open our eye O.O ,
Its really intresting , Thx to Ms Surinda and that melay teacher for having the intresting activity =D ,

The 1st sad one is . . . ,
She didn't go school today ahh can't see herr,
Miss herr la,
What is this meant ?
But don't know now she miss me or not ler ? ,

The second sad one is . . . ,
Can said it angry one too,
Why is every one said that i with that fella very close ?
I hate that !!
So please STOP say bout me and herr !
It's not funny but annoying ,
Doesn't you guys feel that ?
That Fella is FAKE !
So damn FAKE !!
Get LOST from me !

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