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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


At first you said never mind is okie you already done your best ,
But why just now you suddenly you scold me ? ,
Isn't you said never mind try you best next time again ? ,
I know you heart were not thinking "ohh never mind la my son already done his best" ,
No your NOT your just lie-ing your son ME ! ,
You know how sad am I when I just wake up and someone told me that I drop class next year ? ,
You think that I'm happy when I heard that ? ,
Nahhh ! F*** ! I'm damn freaking sad when first I heard that ='( ,
You're Scolding Makes Me Feel I'm More Useless ='(

And now my feeling is just like more worst then the end of the world ,
Is just like all people look down you and don't bother you even you're just an ant ,
Arggghhhh ! I don't want this life ='( ,
Tks for herr to cheer me up everytime THANKS ! =]
And only herr who cheer me up I guess ? ,
THANKS very much =]

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