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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Wouldn't Listen To Me ?

You don't wanted me to worry you ,
But everytime you do make me worry you ,
I just worry you.. don't ask me why is a automatic reaction for me ,
Recently you always slept late make me more worry you cause sacred you tired ?
At last you slept early yesterday is worth my tiredness :D
Actually you don't need to scared de ,
Cause it will be fine one day ,
Everyone faced this problem not only you ,
Is just like when the end of the world reached why should you scared ? everyone in this earth also facing the same thing not only you...
So we should done all those thing that we haven't do from now ? If not it is too late for us to complete it =(
And appreciate everything around you ,

Why should we be happy day by day ?
Is because sad also one day , happy also one day... why shouldn't we be more happier everyday ?
We can't forecast our life generally ,
But we can change our life by just being the one that you think you're and don't be the one that people think you're ,
One word that I heard don't know form where le but is meaningful for me "the more you smile , the more the luck come find for you " ,
Never mind is lame I know == ,
To these twins I hope you both will be more happier and stay healthy :D

Today I quite confused with the account tuition le >< ,
One word can describe BLUR !
I saw these twins today :D

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