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Friday, January 21, 2011

In 1week my dad car kena bang twice ?
Really got so "hak zaii" de meh ?
My dad don't want the people to pay him some more ,
My dad said nvm la no bang also bang jor le bang some more la ,
OMG ! Isn't in this world be a good people will get good bless ?
I don't think so le ,
Sometimes be a good people won't get back good bless ,
Nope !!!! It won't so don't be so silly bah ,
If my dad really got good bless it won't be so suffer till now gua ?
Not said that he is S***** but he is too kind le ,
Even untill his own brother also lie on him ,
This is not first time le it happened many time before ,
And he still thinking of help his FUCKING brother ,
We advice him many time le not to help his brother anymore but he still didn't heard , he said how also he is my brother ma ,
Is true that family must help each other but you think your self did he still treat you as his brother ?
He said I must think of my benefits also wahh ! Like that de think he also can said out ,
WhatTheFuck ! He treat you like that you also can be so good to him meh? Some more this thing is not first time happened le ,
He know how to said my mum but he don't know said him self ,
Haih ... Nth can said le ,
Mayb if you haven't try before you don't know bah ,
But is true don't be so good to the others le you will get bullied by people everytime ,
So just learn how to protect yourself ,
Not every one also like that la you must know the person characteristic is how la ,
Is this world is hard to find a really true friend le ,
Did I found already ?

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