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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keep Repeating The Same Thing...

Every single person is keep repeating the thing that we do days & nights ,
Just like in our life , happy things happened then there are also sad things happened on us too ,
Happy & Sad , Happy & Sad , Happy & Sad again ,
If we faced some sad and complicated problem , won't be we just sitting there cry & not doing anything right ? ,
Doing something not mean to think all those negative things but do something that can help to solve the problems ,
If we didn't help our self who going to help us ? Your uncle ? , Your aunty ? , Your grandma ? , or Your Grandpa ? ,
Famliy do help us but the first most importing things is we must help our self right ? ,
You must stand strong so that other people that worry you not too worry ,

Haha... anything is just depending on your self okie ?
I'll be there when you needs me ,
I'll lend my shoulder for you if you need to cry ,
I'll lend my ears for you if you want someones listen to you talk ,
I'll lend my eye for you so that I'll always be there looking at you to ensure that your safe & happy every single second ,
I'll eat all the stuff that you don't like to eat so that no more food that you don't like to eat ,

All this things is just for the person who is reading my post...
Thats YOU ! :D

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