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Monday, January 31, 2011

Please Don't Tell Me Anything Again ! =(

Some times I do really pissed off with some of my friends and my life ,
I think that did they treat me as their friend ?
Haha... I don't know !
Why am I will always be the unluckly one ?
Haih... Don't want to said la ,
Feel lazy wanna said bout it ,
I feel that I'm not the one for
you anymore ='(
Should be I'm not the cup of
your tea bah ,
Nothing ! Just feel lifeness suddenly ,
I hope today he didn't told me anything today ,
Is better to make it don't know then know everything ,
Is suffering for me you know ='(
Tks for some of my freind that's really treat me really really good ,
And I knew it ,
Sorry that I don't know how to appreciate it ='(
But I'll know what to do the next ,
Is you make me neo what is true freind ,
And I treat you as my brother too and I
appreciate it
No wonder how many people talk bad bout you but I know who you're ,

Anyway today went Pavallion , Fahrenheit Plaza , Sg Wang & Time Square ,
Although I very tired but we have fun with my funny friends ,
Nice to be with you all :D
And I watched
"The Green Bees" 3D hahas :D
Nahh ! actually is
"The Green Hornert" 3D la ,
Whaoo ! The screen is damn big , I think is the biggest cinema in Malaysia ?
We went back at 7 ++ ,
Is damn tired and I just reached home

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