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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Errr... Don't know what to said le ,
Just like normal bah homework homework & homework , tuition & keep get scolding from teacher >< ,
Anything that you like to said just said anything you want bah I don't care anymore a least I done my best ,
Recently just feeling tired & almost dropping down le ,
But still got a lot of homework le how I wanna sleep well >< ,
Agrhhh ! anything bah just let it be and forget bout it i'll do my best to score A's in SPM  :D ,
I wanna get good result , I don't want be a useless person , I don't want let other people look down ! ,

Just now I felt like very jealous when my friend got a present form herr ,
Why like that de uhh ? ,
Is just like my heart not feeling well like that ,
Almost die le ma ? LOL...,

Haih...Don't know how to pass this month le =( ,
Everytime need to hide and seek from teacher ,
I need to do this thing untill when le ? 

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